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Hilux Double Cab Service Plan

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Hilux Double Cab Service Plan

What is a Toyota Service Plan?

A Toyota Service Plan is a contractual agreement which covers a specified amount of services in exchange for a specified number of payments, similar to a cellphone contract.

What is Covered?

Our service plans cover the following : Spark Plugs, Air Filter, Pollen Filter, Engine Oil, Petrol Filter, Sump Plug, Brake Fluid, Engine Cleaner, Consumables, Labour

Other Options

Other additional options we provide: Tyre Insurance, Stratch & Dent, Engine Warranty, Roadside Assistance, Brake Pads, Clutch Fluid, Fuses, Brake Sensors, Window Wipers.

About a Hilux Double Cab Service Plan

A Hilux Double Cab Service Plan is a fast and effective way to provide underwriting, administration and claims services on Motor Warranty and various value added products sold by approved intermediaries such as motor dealers, insurance brokers, contact centres and financial institutions.

Hilux Double Cab Service Plans also administer Service and Maintenance plans, Body Maintenance, Interior Maintenance, Car Cosmetic Plans and Roadside Assistance.

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